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  • -60 to 60°C (-76 to 140°F) measurement range
  • ±2°C dew point accuracy
  • 4 to 20mA output
  • 85 to 264VAC power supply
  • Configurable display with 1/8 DIN mount format
  • Optional Stainless-steel sensor sample block with 1/8in NPT inlet and outlets
  • Modbus RTU over RS485 output
  • 2 alarm relays
  • 1450psi max operating pressure
  • Traceable 9-point calibration certificate
  • Sensor Exchange program available


The Michell Instruments SF82 online dew-point hygrometer is a fast-response hygrometer system for the complete dew-point measurement range of -60 to 60°C (-76 to 140°F) dew point, which covers many moisture measurement applications from membrane dryers, adsorption dryers, medical and surgical air, breathing air, additive manufacturing, glove boxes, and plastic injection molding. The SF82 hygrometer incorporates advanced thick film technology that provides stable, reliable and repeatable moisture measurements with an accuracy of ±2°C (±3.6°F) dew point. It also includes 3 digital and analog output signals, which can be set up within the menu system.

The SF82 hygrometer is supplied complete with all the parts needed to install the sensor in a gas stream and start measuring quickly and easily. The system is supplied with a 9-point calibration certificate from -60 to 20°C (-76 to 68°F) dew point that traceable to national standards.