Starting at $2,029.00

$350 credit for return of old sensor returned to Instrumart within 30 business days

  • Usually ships in 4-6 weeks



  • Sensor exchange, reconditioned transmitter
  • $350 credit for return of old sensor returned to Instrumart within 30 business days
  • Supplied with traceable calibration certificate
  • Replacement ordered before recalibration due
  • Calibration data stored within replacement sensor
  • Easy installation; no need to match a sensor to a display
  • Minimal interruption and virtually no equipment downtime
  • Lower cost per calibration


The Michell Instruments Sensor Exchange Program allows a replacement sensor to be ordered before recalibration is due. The replacement is typically shipped within 3-4 weeks. Upon receipt, the replacement is simply swapped with the installed sensor needing recalibration. The old sensor is then returned to Instrumart within 30 business days and recycled into the Sensor Exchange program.

When the old sensor is received at the factory, the protective cap and sensor tile are removed. The sensor body is ultrasonically cleaned to prevent any possibility of cross-contamination, and the performance of the digital electronics is thoroughly verified. A new sensor tile is then mounted and the sensor is recalibrated, making the unit ready to be used for the next Sensor Exchange order.

A Sensor Exchange sensor is calibrated using the same procedure and instrumentation as a new sensor, and a calibration certificate traceable to NIST is supplied. The program also provides the same calibration warranty statement as a new sensor.

Exchange Process:

  1. Before recalibration is due, a replacement sensor is ordered.
  2. Once received, the original sensor is removed and replaced with the exchange.
  3. The original product is returned to Instrumart for return to the factory within 30 business days.




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