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  • Gates
    • 3 gates (one can be used as an interface gate)
    • Flank, peak, zero crossing before and after, J-flank and first peak measurement modes
    • Inches, mm, μs, %, dB measurement units
    • 5-100% threshold
    • 0 to 15000 mm (steel) start and width
    • 2.5ns resolution of TOF
    • TCG, DAC, DGS, AWS, API measurement procedures
  • Receiver
    • 40Vpp maximum input voltage
    • 0.2 to 30MHz (-3dB) frequency response
    • 12 bandpass and high pass filters
    • 110dB (0.2dB increments) dynamic range
    • 16 points, 100dB dynamic, 90dB/40ns slope TCG
    • >80dB cross-talk
  • Transmitter
    • Dual, pulse echo and thru modes
    • 10 to 2000Hz pulse repetition frequencies
    • 50-350V (10V increments) voltage
    • 40-2500ns (5ns increments) pulse width
    • 50 and 400Ω damping
  • 7-inch wide, 1024x600 pixel touch screen
  • 250 to 16,000 m/s sound velocity range
  • IP67 protection
  • 14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C) operating temperature

  • Standard package includes:

    • Support for up to 3 apps on device at a time
    • Mentor PC software
    • Mentor Create software

  • Pro package includes all of the above and:

    • Support for unlimited apps on device at a time
    • 3rd gate, can be be used either as gate C or IF gate
    • Customizable filter
    • Waveform averaging
    • Mentor PC Live software
    • IOS app to enrich UT data

  • Digital package includes all of the above and:

    • 15-month subscription, including data availability, fleet management, private store, remote collaboration and Ultrasonic Testing Levels I and II
Instrumart is now offering rental of the USM 100 flaw detector. The rental unit comes with a WiFi router, cable extension for USB C doc, magnet stand, belt holster and adapter cable for C-clamp encoder. Contact us to learn more.

What's in the Box

  • AC adapter/charger
  • Lithium Ion internal battery
  • 2 x Lithium Ion removable batteries
  • External battery charger
  • Transport case
  • Wrist strap
  • Shoulder strap
  • Quick start guide
  • Operating manual on USB flash drive
  • Certificate of conformity
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE power cord (must be ordered separately)


The Waygate Technologies Krautkrämer USM 100 flaw detector is lightweight and designed ergonomically for ease of use. It features a large touch screen and buttons that allow seamless ambidextrous operation. The glove-compatible, 7-inch LCD touch screen is viewable under any lighting conditions. The smart and intuitive user interface is easy to learn, customizable, and streamlines setup, training time and updates.

The Krautkrämer USM 100 also offers greater efficiency through remote access and data management and storage. Digital features include tailor-made workflows via the Mentor App software; secure, cloud-based data management; remote calibration that reduces calibration time from two weeks to 30 minutes; and a public store for download of customizable apps. Mentor PC enables upload, analysis and reporting of inspection data from a PC; and Mentor PC Live allows use of the USM 100 remotely. Mentor Create the user to customize or create inspection apps for unique testing procedures, industry applications and experience levels. Data sets are also compatible with legacy USM Go+ and USM 36 models, allowing a seamless transition to the USM 100.

Standard features include prompted calibrations for a logical sequence of operations, an advanced data recorder with color-coded grid view that enables easy identification of thickness readings, smartphone-like functionality for a logical workflow, quick configuration and quick access to critical functions. The USM 100 also offers premium features for more demanding tasks. Averaging eliminates noise signals, an iOS app adds pictures and geolocation information to existing data, a customizable filter enables user-configurable filter settings, and an IF gate enables tracking of the interface echo and maintains a consistent TOF measurement.

Waygate Technologies Krautkrämer USM 100 Flaw Detector Applications

Weld inspection

  • AWS
  • DGS
  • 400% amplitude range
  • ASME/AWS apps
  • Color leg

Inspection of composites

  • IF gate
  • Customizable filter
  • Up to 0.2MHz bandwidth and 2500ns pulse width
  • High slope TCG curve (90dB/40ns)

Corrosion inspection

  • Advanced data recorder
  • IF gate
  • 400MHz digitization frequency
  • 400% amplitude range

Railway inspection

  • Square wave pulser
  • Touch and button operation
  • App for geolocation

Waygate Technologies is formerly known as GE Inspection Technologies (GEIT).


This product can be used in the following applications: