• Dual output (%sat and mg/l) or temp and mg/l
  • Direct output via 4-20 mA or 0-5V
  • Salt water compensation with toggle
  • PVC construction
  • Not affected by CO2 or H2S
  • One year limited warranty
This is a replacement for the Aquametrix AM-ODO Dissolved Oxygen Sensor


The AquaMetrix AM-ODO2 optical dissolved oxygen sensor outputs a direct analog (4-20 mA) signal that can be set for percent-saturation or concentration (mg/l or ppm) or both. It can connect to the AquaMetrix AM-2300 controller, AM-2252 controller or a PLC. The sensor membrane lasts for approximately 2 years and is inexpensive to replace. The body is corrosion resistant and designed to stand up to harsh environments such as wastewater treatment, sewage treatment, boilers, agriculture, and aquaculture.