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  • Measuring ranges:
    • SP-350P/SP-380P: 0.1 to 20 ppm Polymer
    • SP-380P: 0 to 300 ppb PTSA
  • Excitation Wavelength:
    • SP-350P: 410nm LED
    • SP-380P: 365nm & 410nm LED
  • Emission Wavelength:
    • SP-350P: 470nm
    • SP-380P: 410 nm & 450 nm
  • ±1 nm wavelength accuracy
  • 320x240 TFT-LCD display
  • Pyxis LOCK-IN feature
  • Built in sample vial
  • No sample cuvette required


The Pyxis SP-350P and SP-380P Fluorometers are simple to use handheld fluorometers offering direct measurement of fluorescent polymers used in cooling and process water applications. These devices have a built-in sample cell allowing samples to be directly filled in, eliminating the need for purchasing and using sample cuvettes. The SP-350P is a single channel fluorometer which measures fluorescent polymer only (0 to 20ppm) while the SP380P is a dual channel fluorometer which measures both PTSA (0 to 300ppb) and fluorescent polymer (0 to 20ppm). This patent pending technology combines cutting edge optical measurement of both fluorescent tracers commonly used in cooling and process water applications in one easy to use platform while compensating for color and turbidity interference commonly present in real-world waters.