• HM-900
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  • 0.1 to 1000 ppm measuring range
  • Color & turbidity compensation
  • Wireless data upload & calibration via uPyxis
  • 365/470 (ex/em) and 470/650 (ex/em) wavelengths
  • 0.1 ppm (Marine-Offshore Oil) detection limit
  • Auto channel switch
  • 4 alkaline batteries
  • 192x128 LCD display
  • Display readable under direct sunlight


The Pyxis HM-900 Fluorometer is a handheld portable fluorometer that measures the concentration of multiple oils in water utilizing and LED sourced UV fluorescence methodology at 365nm wavelength and 410nm excitation. Dual Channel Wavelengths of Fluorescence enable automatic range selection.

The HM-900 offers measurement of oil content through Hexane extraction and Pyxis prepared non-toxic / non-flammable solvent, for a safer and more convenient measurement reducing sample preparation steps. Both 24mm and 16mm sample vials may be used with HM-900.

The HM-900 has three default built-in calibration curves for Marine-Offshore Oil, #1 Diesel/Kerosene, and Heavy Fuel Oil. The user may select which of these three formats are desired for final measurement display. Users may also create up to 7 customized/user defined calibration curves for the specific oil desired.

The HM-900 can be used to directly analyze oil in water content without the need for extraction using UV fluorescence methodology. This method is commonly utilized for samples containing dissolved or lightly emulsified oil.

Preparation of a true oil in water calibration standard is both time consuming and subject to error. As such, the HM-900 can also be calibrated using Pyxis synthetic OIW (oil in water) secondary standards. This approach enables users to utilize a synthetic oil in water standard for rapid device calibration, improved accuracy and extended shelf life of the calibration solution.

Applications for the HM-900 include:

  • Heat exchanger leakage detection
  • Oil tank leakage detection
  • Intake water monitoring (UF & RO Feedwater)
  • Re-injection water monitoring
  • Industrial wastewater monitoring
  • Marine discharge monitoring
  • Plant runoff / storm water monitoring