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The Emerson Radar Master app allows you to bring the enhanced echo curve functionality of Radar Master software to your field communicator. Designed for use on the rugged, intrinsically-safe AMS Trex, the Radar Master app improves efficiency for field technicians, protects the safety of your personnel and assets, and enables accurate configurations at the tank.

The Auto Sync technology in AMS Trex helps maintain data integrity in your AMS Device Manager database without any technician intervention. Every change made in the field is automatically recorded and time-stamped. Changes are updated in real-time if WiFi connection is enabled and a technician is in a hot spot. Or changes are cached on AMS Trex and applied to the database when the communicator detects a WiFi signal or USB cable connection.

Using the Radar Master app, you can create the geometric profile directly at the tank. Dynamic graphics help ensure that you are configuring the tank with the correct settings.

Using the power the loop functionality in AMS Trex, you can power your radar device in the field (depending on model option power requirements) even before wires are run. This enables you to complete installation and configuration early, even when the tank is empty.

With enhanced echo curves in the Radar Master app, you can more easily tune your measurement settings. Tune out disturbances in the tank to prevent false echoes and ensure reliable measurements. Enhanced echo curves provide insight into unexpected and intermittent measurement behaviors, enabling better understanding of process challenges.