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  • Simultaneous HC and water dew-point measurements
  • Automatic objective measurements
  • Parameter specific sensors
  • Self-contained sample handling, conditioning and analysis
  • 0.5°C HC dew-point accuracy
  • Fundamental cooled mirror principle


Michelle Instruments Condumax II Transportable Dew-Point Analyzer is a complete transportable natural gas dew-point analysis system for field spot-check measurements. Periodic online operation when located in a temperature maintained analyzer house. Measurements and functionality are instantly accessible through integrated alphanumeric display and touch-glass HMI interface including log of dew-point readings for operator review.

The Condumax II Transportable addresses the further needs of natural gas users as the industry evolves. With an increased proportion of alternative fuel sources such as biogas, and greater reliance on LNG imports into gas networks which traditionally received gas solely from fixed upstream producers, the attention to ensuring accurate measurement of dew point has never been more critical. This increased complexity of supply chains has expanded the number of potential measurement points each requiring conformity to specification.

The Condumax II Transportable offers the flexibility to make investigative spot-check measurements at any location, to even the smallest and most remote gas source. Furthermore, for the gas producer, the Condumax II Transportable can be used to profile individual process stages to ensure optimum efficiency