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  • Rod, rope or coax probe
  • Process temperature:
    • XT version: -321 to 536°F (-196 to 280°C)
    • HT version: -321 to 842°F (-196 to 450°C)
  • -14.5 to 5800 psi (-1 to 400 bar) process pressure
  • Maximum measuring range:
    • Rod 33ft (10m)
    • Rope 148ft (45m)
    • Coax 20ft (6m)
  • ±0.08in (±2mm) accuracy
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Heartbeat technology


The E+H Levelflex FMP54 guided wave radar level transmitter is designed for continuous level measurement of liquids under extreme conditions. The process connection with its ceramic-graphite seal safeguards high-temperature and high-pressure applications as they occur in steam boilers and toxic media like ammonia. The gas-tight feedthrough guarantees additional safety. The gas phase compensation of the FMP54 gives reliable results in case of gas and steam phases. The FMP54 also offers reliable measurement in case of a turbulent liquid or foam surface, or in changing media.

The Levelflex FMP54 offers HistoROM data management for fast and easy commissioning, maintenance and diagnostics, and Heartbeat technology for cost-effective and safe plant operation during the entire life cycle.

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