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  • 26° x 16° FOV, f = 0.98in
  • ±1% accuracy
  • 800 nm spectral range
  • 764 x 480 px optical resolution
  • Switch between 80 or 27Hz measurement speed
  • Temperature ranges up to 3452°F
  • 75mK temperature resolution
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The Optris PI 80m infrared camera was developed with a spectral range of 800 nm to decrease measurement errors resulting from unknown or changing emissivities. Due to the spectral range as well as the continuous measurement range from 1067° to 3452°F, this compact infrared camera is suited for NIR and CO2 laser processing applications.

The Optris PI 80m infrared camera comes with thermography software PIX connect, allowing real-time temperature analyzation and remote control of the camera. Also, individual alarm levels with defined visual or acoustic alarm signals can be set.

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