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  • Measure and calibrate SPRTs, RTDs, thermistors and thermocouples
  • 1 PPM resistance ratio accuracy (channel 1)
  • 8-1/2 digit DC multimeter
  • Measure up to 82 channels
  • Sample rates up to 10 channels per second
  • Bluetooth, WIFI, USB& Ethernet (RJ-45) capable
  • Auto temperature control
  • Auto zero power feature
  • 10.1in touch screen display
  • ISO 17025 accredited calibration certificate with data


The Additel ADT 286 Multifunction Reference Thermometer combines the capabilities of a high-end reference thermometer with a highly capable data acquisition system and 8.5 digit multimeter. The ADT286 is capable of scanning and recording up to 82 channels at 10 channels per second. Users can easily configure the ADT286 to perform field calibrations and uniformity studies as well as use the unit in the lab as a precision thermometer and 8.5 digit multimeter.