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  • Titanium housed, color SUPER HAD CCD camera
    • 4mm has 290,000 pixels
    • 6.1 or 8.4mm have 440,000 pixels
  • -13 to 212°F (-25 to 100°C) tip operating temp
  • Integrated, active matrix VGA color LCD monitor
    • XL Detect: Transflective 3.7in (9.4cm)
    • XL Detect+: Transmissive 5.0in (12.7cm)
  • Internal flash memory
    • XL Detect: 4GB
    • XL Detect+: 16GB
  • IP rating
    • XL Detect: IP55
    • XL Detect+: IP65

What's in the Box

  • XL Detect or XL Detect+
  • Documentation thumb drive
  • Quickstart card
  • 2-hour lithium-ion battery
  • AC adapter/Battery charger
  • Storage case
  • Optical tip storage case


The Waygate Technologies XL Detect+ and XL Detect videoprobes are lightweight and portable with powerful light output to produce clear, sharp videos and still images. The videoprobes have big, bright LCD screens (5-inch and 3.7-inch options, respectively) resulting in greater image clarity and improved probability of detection.

The XL Detect+ and XL Detect are equipped with Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) 2.0, an intuitive application to guide users through the inspection process to automatically tag images and organize results for simplified reporting. With 16GB of internal memory, the XL Detect+ has room for storage of up to 15 MDI templates.

The rugged build of XL Detect+ and XL Detect holds up to tough inspection environments, including exacting U.S. military standards for durability, resulting in lower cost of ownership in the long term.

Waygate Technologies is formerly known as GE Inspection Technologies (GEIT).




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