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  • Sxp software platform
  • supports up to 4 sampling cards
  • 480GB or 800GB internal storage
  • Quick configuration software
  • 3500 rack-based system file importer
  • Impact hammer kit
  • Fully portable


The Bently Nevada ADRE 408 DSPi Condition Monitor is designed for real-time highly parallel signal processing and presentation. This extremely versatile system incorporates the functionality of many types of instrumentation, such as oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, filters, signal conditioners, and digital recorders into a single platform. The system is designed specifically for secure corporate network environments, allowing it to operate remotely across a LAN/WAN, or store data in full "stand-alone" mode without an additional/external computer. Additional equipment is seldom, if ever, needed. The system's real-time display capability permits it to continuously display data independently of data being stored to permanent memory. For established ADRE system users, ADRE Sxp also supports all previous ADRE for Windows databases.