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  • Very price competitive
  • Transmitter configuration in seconds
  • Simple and user friendly software, ConSoft. No learning time
  • No external power supply for configuration
  • Fully temperature linear output for RTD and thermocouples
  • Selectable sensor failure action, upscale or downscale
  • Output limitations and fail currents according to NAMUR recommendations
  • Designed for harsh conditions
  • USB interface
  • 5 year limited warranty


The INOR MinIPAQ-L-USB temperature transmitter is an easy-to-use transmitter designed for standard DIN-rail mounting. The configuration of the INOR MinIPAQ-L-USB temperature transmitter is made in seconds with the simple and user friendly PC software, ConSoft. No external power supply is needed for the configuration, a very time-saving feature.

The INOR MinIPAQ-L-USB temperature transmitter is programmable for RTDs in different standards as well as for 11 T/C types. The 4-20 mA output is temperature linear, and the measuring range is freely adjustable within wide limits. A low pass filter can be activated to provide a stable output even with noise on the input signal.

The INOR MinIPAQ-L-USB temperature transmitter will detect sensor errors such as wire break or short circuit and force the output upscale or downscale depending of the setting. The output current during normal measurement or under error conditions complies fully with the NAMUR standards.

Transmitter configurations can be saved as files and printed out for documentation. The INOR MinIPAQ-L-USB temperature transmitter comes with a 5 year limited warranty.