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  • Precision laboratory dew-point hygrometer
  • Accuracy: 0.18°F (0.1°C)
  • Measurement range: -148 to 68°F (-100 to 20°C)
  • Precision 100 Ω 4-wire platinum resistance thermometer
  • Dual optics detection system
  • Dual multi-function LED display
  • 5-pt UKAS calibration certificate included


The Michell Instruments S4000 TRS Dew Point Hygrometer is a precision laboratory dew-point hygrometer that offers unmatched accuracy and reliability in dew-point measurement and calibration. The powerful three stage Peltier thermo electric heat pump, coupled with integrated auxiliary refrigerant cooling, gives an effective measurement range down to -100°C (-148°F) dew point.

Applications for the S4000 TRS include:

  • Standards Laboratory reference instrument
  • Research and development
  • Battery manufacture
  • Industrial gases