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  • ±0.18°F (0.1°C) accuracy
  • ±0.09°F (0.05°C) repeatability
  • Gold plated copper mirror
  • 0 to 1000 ml/min flow sensor range
  • Sample gas inlet 1/4in VCR, outlet 1/4in Swagelok
  • Sample flow from 500 to 1000 ml/min (145 psi max)
  • Data logging via SD memory card or USB interface
    • Can support up to 32GB SD card (=24 million logs)
  • 5.7in LCD touchscreen HMI, white on blue graphics

What's in the Box

  • Calibration certificate
  • 512MB SD memory card
  • USB cable
  • IEC power cable
  • Microscope
  • User's manual


The Michell Instruments S8000-RS chilled mirror hygrometer offers fully automated control of the auxiliary cooling system, so that no operator intervention is required even if the measured dew point changes from one end of the range to the other.

This instrument provides three user-configurable analog outputs (4-20mA, 0-20mA, or 0-1V), as well as, a range of modbus digital communications options that allow it to be monitored by a suitable computer or PLC system or via specific S8000-RS logging software. A pair of adjustable isolated alarm contacts allow the S8000-RS to be used for direct process control.

Frost assurance system technology (FAST) is a supplied feature that determines whether the dew point of the sample is in the temperature region where super-cooled water can exist. If so, the system will drive the mirror temperature down below -40 degrees to ensure that ice is present on the mirror surface. A viewing microscope is supplied as standard to enable the user to inspect the mirror directly during the measurement process, if desired, and determine the state of condensation.

For increased reliability the S8000-RS utilizes a system called dynamic contamination correction (DCC) that adapts the instrument control to the operating conditions to achieve optimum measurement performance at all times. It periodically re-balances the optics to compensate for any reduction in light intensity caused by contamination of the components in the optical path. This is a fully automatic process, but it can be configured by the user for individual applications if needed.

Michell Instruments S8000-RS Chilled Mirror Hygrometer Applications

  • Standards laboratory reference instrument
  • Measurement standard for high purity gas manufacturing
  • Measurement standard for semiconductor dry gas supply
  • Calibration facilities
  • Research and development
  • Clean/Dry room monitoring
  • Metallurgical processes