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  • Dew point or ppm moisture content
    • -166 to +68°Fdp (-110 to +20°Cdp) dew point range
    • 0 to 3,000ppm moisture content range
  • ±3.6°F (±2°Cdp) accuracy
  • ±0.9°Fdp (±0.5°Cdp) repeatability
  • 5/8 in. & 3/4 in. UNF process connection options
  • Analog & digital outputs
    • 4-20mA or 0-20mA
    • RS-232
  • Dual user-programmable alarms
  • VAC & VDC power supply options
  • IP66 (NEMA 4) sensor
  • IP65 (NEMA 12) monitor (front panel only)
    • 1/8 DIN case

What's in the Box

  • Traceable calibration certificate


The Michell Instruments Easidew online dew point hygrometer offers a panel or bench mount hygrometer with a large digital display, analog and digital outputs as well as a dual alarm feature that is programmable through the display. Utilizing the Michell Instruments Easidew transmitter, this hygrometer offers a measurement range of -166 to +68°Fdp (-110 to +20°Cdp) or 0 to 3,000ppm moisture content, either with ±3.6°F (±2°Cdp) accuracy.

The display of the Michell Instruments Easidew online dew point hygrometer is housed in a 1/8 DIN case and features an IP65 (NEMA 12) rating on the front panel (only). Both 85 to 264 VAC or 24 VDC power options are available. Analog output options include 4 to 20mA or 0 to 20mA, while RS-232 is the lone digital output option for the Easidew online hygrometer. A 0.8 meter (2.62 foot) cable connecting the transmitter to the display is supplied standard, but longer cable lengths are available including custom lengths up to 800 meters (2624.67 feet).


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Part Number Process Connection Range Protection Monitor Power Cable Price Available
5/8 inch UNF
-100 to +20°Cdp
Standard HDPE guard (protection against fine particulate <10 μm)
85 to 265 VAC
2m (6.56 ft.) length with mini-DIN mating socket
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