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  • 70IPLP0001



  • Fully universal, linearized and highly isolated
  • Accepts RTD, T/C, mV and O
  • Extra high accuracy and stability
  • Sensor error and system (sensor/transmitter)error correction for highest total accuracy
  • 40 point linearization - any sensor can be matched
  • Configuration without external power
  • High speed update (300 ms)
  • Selectable output limits
  • Low sensor isolation detection
  • Full access to all features while in operation
  • NAMUR compliant
  • Simplified loop check-up with calibration output
  • Test ouput without breaking the loop
  • IPRO, easy-to-use Windows configuration software


The high-performance INOR IPAQ-LPlus temperature transmitter is a universal, and intelligent 2-wire DIN rail transmitter for temperature and other measurement applications. The outstanding combination of excellent specifications, high functionality, and simple configuration makes the INOR IPAQ-LPlus temperature transmitter the obvious choice in demanding applications.

The INOR IPAQ-LPlus temperature transmitter offers low linearity and calibration errors, with the combination of a high-efficient 40-point linearization and the use of quality components and precision calibration equipment, low ambient temperature influence, and high long-term stability. The Windows ™ based and user-friendly software, IPRO 4, is used for transmitter configuration, documentation, monitoring, and calibration purposes.

The INOR IPAQ-LPLUS temperature transmitter also offers two ways of improving the measurement with temperature sensors: sensor error correction (comparing the known sensor errors to the standard curve) and system error correction (by exposing the sensor to one or two accurately-measured temperatures). The SmartSense feature continuously monitors the isolation resistance of thermocouples and three-wire connected RTDs, as well as the cabling between sensor and transmitter. The INOR IPAQ-LPLUS temperature transmitter's Smart Filter detects the difference between fast signal changes and electrical noise, e.g. ripple and spikes, on the input. The smart filter offers a superior combination of very short response time for the input signal and high noise immunity.

The INOR IPAQ-LPLUS temperature transmitter has a dampening function that can be used to dampen undesired instabilities on the input signal. The dampening time can be set between 0 and 10 seconds in intervals of one second. The dampening time is the time required, in addition to the update time, for the output to reach 90% of its final value after a step change has been applied to the input.

The INOR IPAQ-LPLUS temperature transmitter is loop-powered and will work on the voltages down to 7.5V DC thus allowing for high loads in the current loop.