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  • Brass body
  • 8W coil
  • NBR, FKM, or EPDM seal
  • 3/8 to 3 in pipe size
  • 1/2 to 3 in orifice
  • 4.10 to 96.60 CV flow factor
  • NEMA 4


Granzow W Series high-flow solenoid valves are large-flow, normally-closed solenoid valves. They are pilot-operated diaphragm valves with CV flow factors of up to 96. These valves are used for both air and water, up to 3 inches, and are available with interchangeable coils for both AC and DC voltages. These valves are used on car washing equipment, irrigation equipment, cooling equipment, pump equipment, and automation equipment with medium such as air, inert gas, water and synthetic oils. When equipped with EPDM seals, the W series can be used on low pressure steam (~25 PSIG maximum).