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  • Embedded power-bus reduces power wiring up to 90%
  • High packing density with 6.2mm wide slimline modules
  • Redundant power feed option for increased availability
  • Status indication and alarm relay for quick maintenance
  • Improved signal quality enhances plant performance


The MTL 1000 signal conditioning isolators are easy to install and feature a slim-line design (6.2mm width) enabling high packing density. The optional power-bus feature reduces power wiring by up to 90% by providing power directly to the modules, making for quicker installation at a lower cost and the pre-fitted DIN rail power connectors allow for easy future expansion. Common applications where MTL signal conditioning isolators are useful include elimination of grounding fault currents, signal conversion, noise reduction and signal repeat.

Available in a variety of configurations, the MTL 1000 signal conditioning isolators can accept many different inputs including 2/4-wire transmitters, Smart 2/4-wire transmitters, Type J and K thermocouples, PT100 Type RTD sensors, 3-wire potentiometers, switch/proximity detectors and voltage/current inputs. Status indication and alarm relays alert the control room of a failure for quick resolution. HART communications are also supported, allowing for data transfer from HART-compatible field devices. A redundant power feed can also be added so power can be maintained in case one power supply fails.