RKI Instruments EAGLE 2 Portable Gas Monitor
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  • Ppm, % LEL, % vol
    • Measures LEL in both % & ppm
  • PID sensor detects 0-50 & 0-2,000ppm of VOC gases
  • TC sensors available for volume CH4 & H2
  • Data logging standard
    • Software included with unit
  • Auto ranging with combustible gas
  • Internal sample drawing pump
    • Up to 125ft range
    • 2SCFH flow rate
    • Low flow alarm
  • Autocalibration & single gas calibration
  • Change target gas without re-calibrating
  • Internal & external hydrophobic filters
  • Intrinsically safe, IP-64 rated, CSA & CE approved
  • 2-year warranty

What's in the Box

  • 5ft polyurethane hose (standard gas versions only)
  • 5ft teflon hose (PID versions only)
  • 10in hydrophobic probe with particle filter
  • 10in hydrophobic probe without particle filter
  • Shoulder strap
  • Internal hydrophobic filter
  • Alkaline batteries
  • Product CD including data logging software

The RKI Instruments EAGLE 2 portable gas monitor features five different sensor technologies: PID, IR, TC, EC, and catalytic, including smart plug and play sensors for toxic gases. Operating modes include standard confined space entry, leak check for low ppm detection, and bar hole mode for underground detection.

The alarming system has a 30 second response time for 90% of range for most gases while using the standard 5 ft hose. The two alarm levels are user adjustable and can be latching or self resetting. While in leak check mode the LED flash and alarm tones increase in frequency as gas concentration increases. Audible alarm silence is available to perform leak investigations without alarming nearby residents.

The EAGLE 2 is ergonomically designed to easily fit into a large gloved hand. It's weatherproof enclosure is chemical resistant and can operate in two inches of water. The large backlit display and buttons with glow in the dark text are easy to read and navigate even in dimly lit spaces. It can operate continuously up to 20 hours with NiMH batteries or 18 hours with 4 alkaline batteries. The EAGLE 2 communicates in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German.

RKI Instruments Gas Cylinder
Available in 34, 58, 103, 166 liters, steel or aluminum
RKI Instruments Portable Replacement Sensors
Replacement sensors for RKI Instruments portable gas detectors
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RKI Instruments SDM-E2 Calibration Station
Charging & calibration station for the EAGLE 2 with the option to include up to 2 demand flow regulators & calibration gas cylinders
RKI Instruments 49-1130RK Alkaline Battery
Size C battery to power the EAGLE 2 portable gas monitor
RKI Instruments Replacement Hydrophobic Filter Element
RKI Instruments EAGLE Carrying Case
Padded carrying case with space for accessories
RKI Instruments 47-5084RK-01 Downloading Cable
USB to IrDA adapter for Windows XP, 7 & 8 to connect computers that do not have a built-in IR port
RKI Instruments Internal Pump
Includes connector
RKI Instruments EAGLE Series Hose
Available up to 125ft, includes 1641 fittings
RKI Instruments Size C NiMH Battery
4 batteries required to operate the EAGLE 2
RKI Instruments EAGLE Series Probe
Probe length up to 7ft with choice of plastic, fiberglass, stainless steel, aluminum or hydrophobic material
RKI Instruments EAGLE 2 Battery Charger
100-240VAC or 12VDC charger for C size NiMH batteries, with the option to factory install NiMH batteries in EAGLE 2
RKI Instruments PID & TC Sensors
Electrode stack, replacement lamps & sensors for the EAGLE 2
RKI Instruments 81-1054RK Demand Flow Regulator
For 34 & 58L aluminum gas cylinders & 103L steel gas cylinders
RKI Instruments 81-1055RK Demand Flow Regulator
For 17 & 34L steel gas cylinders