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  • Real time signal and FFT display
  • Gear box frequency calculation
  • Millions points FFT calculation
  • Import and export from binary and ASCII files
  • Demodulation filtering envelope
  • Acceleration, speed and displacement measures
  • Frequencies alarms

What's in the Box

  • CD with EI-CALC software
  • 1 Accelerometer
  • 1 USB single channel Interface
  • 1 Calibration Device
  • User manual
  • Softcase

The Erbessd Reliability EI-CALC Vibration Analyzer is a real-time one channel vibration analyzer with a wide range of powerful FFT spectral analysis tools and an easy-to-use visualization interface. The EI-Calc uses independent FFT calculation algorithms for each one of the processes to increment the speed of the graphical solution. It performs the FFT calculations with fine processing parameters. As FFT accuracy depends on the signal length with EI-Calc you can set the records preferences to any length that you want to get the maximum precision obtaining million points FFT.