Erbessd Reliability

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  • 100 mV/G sensitivity
  • 30m operation distance
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Accelerometer
  • Rechargable Battery
  • 4-pin LEMO connector
  • IP67 protection rating
  • 44,100Hz sample rate
  • Automatic shut-down

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Erbessd Reliability DigivibeMX Series Vibration Analyzer
Complete, reliable and productive system for vibration analysis and dynamic balancing
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The Erbessd Reliability EI-WISER Wireless Sensor includes an accelerometer, a very small USB Receiver and a Magnetic Base, giving you the full freedom and mobility to perform in-situ balancing & vibration Analysis as well as soft bearing suspension Dynamic Balancing. The EI-WiSER is designed for confined spaces and let you operate at safe distance up to 30m from hazard sources.

A member of the DigivibeMX family, the EI-WISER integrates seamlessly with the Erbessd software making it the perfect upgrade to any DigivibeMX system. It includes a 4-pin LEMO I/O connector port that allows to plug-in a second accelerometer, tachometer, temperature sensor or the USB cable for charging the internal battery.