YSI 400371 TruLine Ammonium Electrode Kit



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  • Ammonium ISE range: 0.02 to 1800 mg/L
  • BNC connection
  • Used with the YSI TruLab 1320
  • Used with MultiLab 4010-2/4010-3 w/ BNC adapter is installed

This product is an accessory for the following products:

YSI TruLab pH/ISE 1320 Laboratory Benchtop Meter
Dual channel meter for dual measurement of pH, mV (ORP) or ISE, AutoRead function improves repeatability

The YSI 400371 TruLine Ammonium Electrode Kit includes a PVC membrane combination ISE with replaceable sensor module and refillable reference, bottle of fill solution (30 mL), bottle of ISA (30 mL), and small bottle (30 mL) of high (1000 mg/L) standard. The Ammonium ISE range is 0.02 to 1800 mg/L.

The TruLine Ammonium ISE features BNC connection and can be used with the YSI TruLab 1320. It can also be used with the YSI MultiLab 4010-2 or 4010-3 if a BNC adapter is installed.


YSI TruLine Ammonium Standard
TruLine Ammonium Low Standard Solution, 100 mg/L, 500 mL and high Standard Solution, 1000 mg/L, 500 mL
YSI 400374 TruLine Ammonium ISA
TruLine Ammonium Ionic Strength Adjustor, 500 mL


Please consider these optional accessories.

YSI 400372 TruLine Ammonium Electrode RM
TruLine Ammonium Electrode Replacement Sensor Module, 1 each
YSI 400373 TruLine Ammonium Electrode FS
TruLine Ammonium Electrode Reference Filling Solution, 60 mL