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  • 1/4 DIN for easier viewing
  • CE, UL and CUL recognized
  • Universal input
  • 8 programs of up to 16 segments each
  • Relay, solid state relay driver, 4-20mA, or Triac outputs
  • Transmitter Power Supply
  • Dual Setpoint
  • Event outputs
  • Real time clock
  • RS-485 Communications
  • Dual display of Process Value and Setpoint
  • Power Supply 90-264VAC or optional 24V AC/DC

The Partlow MIC 1460 profile controller is a microprocessor based, single loop, 1/4 DIN controller with programmable setpoint programs.

The Partlow MIC 1460 profile controller can function either as a basic 1/4 DIN process controller utilizing manual setpoint changes, or it can execute any one of eight setpoint programs. Each program is adjustable in the range of 1 to 16 segments and are cascadable to a maximum length of 121 segments. Each segment may be a ramp, a dwell, a join, or an end. A delayed start feature is standard to the Partlow MIC 1460 profile controller as well as an end of program relay. By using the auto-hold feature, assured dwells are possible.

Universal inputs that are standard to the 1/4 DIN Partlow MIC 1460 profile controller include thermocouple, RTD (PT100), or DC linear-user-selectable. Standard outputs include two 4-20mA current outputs to be used for control and a third current output to be used for retransmission. In lieu of current control outputs, relays or SSR drivers are available to the Partlow MIC 1460 profile controllers. Four event outputs (relays) are available as an option.

Two automatic tuning types come standard with the Partlow MIC 1460 profile controller. The Pre-Tune facility is used to set the profile controller's PID control parameters to values which are approximately correct in order to provide a base from which the Self-Tune facility may subsequently optimize tuning. The Self-Tune facility is used to optimize tuning while the controller part of the Partlow MIC 1460 profile controller is operating. Auto/manual control is user-selectable with "bumpless" transfer into and out of manual control.

The Partlow MIC 1460 profile controller has comprehensive front panel displays that display the process value and the setpoint.

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