• Single or dual loop
  • 1/4 DIN format
  • Graphical text LCD display
  • Up to 9 outputs
  • Sampling rate: 10 per second
  • Optional USB port for configuration and data access
  • Optional Profiler with 256 segments shared in 64 programs
  • Optional Data logger with real time clock


The West Pro-EC44 Temperature Controller is a 1/4 DIN process controller with graphical text display, advanced control capability and modular I/O options providing flexibility to fit wide range of industrial manufacturing and process applications.

The Pro-EC44 has 1 or 2 control loops, ON/OFF. PID heat only & heat/cool, valve motor drive and ratio cascade control functions. The seven alarms include absolute, deviation, rate of change, sensor break, recorder memory and power. The Pro-EC44 has up to 2 analog inputs, 9 outputs, remote setpoint input, and 9 digital inputs.

The Pro-EC44 simplifies user setup with a step by step wizard configuration saving working through several menus for initial setup. A Logical menu structure for intuitive navigation allows fast changes and updates to individual settings. Configuration files can be downloaded to a controller using a flash memory stick via the front USB port allowing for fast programming. Settings can also be read via the USB port to clone additional devices or configure a replacement. Data log files can also be extracted locally via the USB for convenient access of process data.

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