• 6,400 pixels (80x80) resolution
  • 75:1 distance to spot ratio
  • -4 to 482°F (-20 to 250°C) measuring range
  • 2% accuracy
  • 4.4 mrad spatial resolution
  • Turns on in 3 seconds
  • 13-hour battery life
  • UFPA microbolometer
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The AEMC Model 1950 Infrared Camera is equipped with infrared thermography detection technology that is used in sectors of industry as diverse as electrical maintenance, metallurgy and steel making, petroleum, automation, natural gas exploration, transportation and in other professions such as fire-fighting and surveillance. Infrared thermal imaging provides a real-time non-contact inspection method that does not require you to shut off power, shut down the equipment or interrupt production. It can diagnose latent malfunctions in advance and anticipate their occurrence and prevent production problems. The Model1950 is a powerful cost effective tool for analyzing electrical maintenance issues. It has features typically found in cameras two to three times its price.


This product can be used in the following applications: