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T6xx Series

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  • UltraMax increases accuracy on small targets
    • Generates reports with more pixels & less noise
  • -4 to 3,632°F (-40 to 2,000°C) temperatures
  • Digital camera with a 5 megapixel detector & LED lamps
  • A large 4.3in LCD touch screen with on-screen report
  • Send data to smart phones, tablets, & PCs via WiFi
  • 10 measurement spots and 5 box areas
  • 120° rotation for more comfortable operation
  • MPEG4 non-radiometric IR or daylight video recordings
    • Real-time video frame rate, stream over WiFi
  • Add visible spectrum definition to IR images with MSX
  • METERLiNK Bluetooth communication
    • Transmit info from clamp & moisture meters
  • Voice and text annotations
  • InstantReport can create a PDF directly from the camera
  • Thermal fusion and picture-in-picture

What's in the Box

  • 2 Li-ion rechargeable batteries
  • 2-bay battery charger
  • Power supply
  • USB and video cables
  • Hard carrying case
  • Bluetooth headset
  • SD memory card
  • Tripod adapter
  • Lens cap

The FLIR T660 thermal imager is a portable, professional quality infrared camera loaded with best-in-class specifications and the features users demand. The T660 pulled out all the stops and the result is a thermal imager both impressive in its functionality and design

The FLIR T660 thermal imager has a temperature range of -4 to 3,632°F (-20 to 2,000°C) with an accuracy of up to ±1˚C (±1.8˚F) or ±1% of reading. The highest in its class 640 x 480 (307,200) pixel resolution offers greater accuracy and readability from greater distances. The camera includes auto-orientation and a tilt feature which makes it easy to capture images from any angle comfortably. The small size and low weight of the camera facilitate its use over a full working day.

The FLIR T660 is equipped with the innovative Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) feature, which produces an image richer in detail than ever before. Users can highlight objects of interest, on both the infrared and visual images, by sketching or adding predefined stamps directly onto the camera's touch screen.

The T660 also includes UltraMax image enhancement technology which captures a series of thermal images and combines the data into one new image. The result is an impressive quadrupling of thermal pixels, including full radiometric measurement data, allowing for a better analysis of small details. Because of an increased number of pixels covering the same target area, UltraMax also decreases measurement spot size. This gives greater measurement accuracy to particularly small details

The FLIR T660 thermal imager includes extensive communication options. The Wi-Fi connectivity of the camera allows users to connect to smart phones or tablets for the wireless transfer of images or the remote control of the camera. The Bluetooth-based METERLiNK function transfers readings from external measurement instruments to the infrared image.


FLIR Thermal Imager Training Courses
Training courses designed to help users get the most from their thermal imagers
$1,095.00 to $1,995.00


FLIR 1910582ACC Video Cable
Video Cable for Exx/Exxbx and T4xx/T4bxx series thermal imagers

Power Supplies

FLIR T910814 Power Supply
Power supply designed for use with select FLIR thermal imagers
FLIR T198509 Car Adapter
12 VDC adapter for cigarette lighter port with 3.9ft cable


FLIR Tools Plus Software
Provides a comprehensive set of infrared tools, with several cutting-edge controls
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FLIR 2-Bay Battery Charger
Includes US plug power supply


Please consider these optional accessories.

FLIR T198166 Telephoto Lens
7° lens, 88.9mm focal length with case and mount support
FLIR T198065 80 Degree Lens
80° lens, 6.5mm focal length with case
FLIR T197914 15 Degree Lens
15° lens, 41.3mm focal length with case
FLIR T197915 45 Degree Lens
45° lens, 13.1mm focal length with case
FLIR T198059 Close-up Lens
2.9x magnification IR lens, 50um and includes case
FLIR T198060 Close-up Lens
5.8x magnification IR lens, 100um and includes case
FLIR T197771ACC Bluetooth Headset
Bluetooth Headset for the FLIR E Series
FLIR T199364ACC Battery
Battery for the T6xx/T6xxbx Series Thermal Imagers