• Titanium housed, color SUPER HAD CCD camera
    • 4mm has 290,000 pixels
    • 6.1 or 8.4mm have 440,000 pixels
  • -13 to 212°F (-25 to 100°C) tip operating temp
  • 1GB internal flash memory
  • Transflective sunlight readable VGA LCD
  • IP55 Dust & Water ingress protection
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What's in the Box

  • Storage case
  • Tip head guard
  • 2-hour Li-Ion battery
  • Battery charger/ AC adapter
  • Quick-start guide
  • 8GB USB drive (includes manual
  • Probe tip case (order tips separately)

The Waygate Technologies XL Lv VideoProbe is their utility video borescope for image and video capture only; it does not feature measurement capability.

It utilizes LED illumination to display excellent image quality. You can save clear, accurate still images and motion video to the internal flash memory or removable USB thumb drive. The probe operates in temperatures up to 100°C to gain access faster in high temperature applications.

The XL Lv has full tip optic interchangeability with secure double threads. It comes with a tip head guard to protect the threads, which is highly recommended for use without an optical tip. If you use the probe without the head guard or an optical tip you will damage the threads, which is costly to repair. Optical tips are sold separately.

Waygate Technologies is formerly know as GE Inspection Technologies (GEIT)

Optical Tips



Please consider these optional accessories.

Spare Parts

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Inspecting Compressor Motors

The Background: The customer has a number of natural gas compressor stations and seeks a way to visually inspect the diesel engines, which power the compressors, to ensure reliability and maximize up time.

The Problem: The customer’s main concerns when selecting the unit were light output, image quality and overall price.

The Solution: Instrumart quoted and sold the customer a GE Inspection Technologies XL Lv VideoProbe (part number XLLVB6130). The 6.1mm diameter camera and 3.0 meter insertion tube length is small enough and long enough to make all necessary inspections of the engine, while versatile enough for other uses in the field. The dimensions of the camera and insertion tube also strike a good balance between durability and light output. The customer has since ordered two more units for other locations.

Rust and Corrosion Inspection in Hawaii

The Background: Our customer is a structural engineer seeking a way to inspect steel girders and beams used in building construction without having to tear apart the walls of the building.

The Problem: The customer is based in Hawaii where the proximity to salt water can cause metal building structures to degrade quickly. The customer wants a high-quality borescope to inspect these structures and wants to cause as little damage during the inspection as possible.

The Solution: We recommended the GE Inspection Technologies XL Lv VideoProbe. With a diameter of only 6mm, the XL Lv only needs a small hole that can be easily patched. The XL Lv can also be used to enter the wall through an existing orifice from an electrical socket or down from the ceiling or attic.

The XL Lv has all-way articulation to get a full 360 degree view inside the wall for quicker identification of problem areas. In addition, the building owner can be there with the technician viewing the borescope output on a larger TV screen using the XL Lv's standard VGA output. If the customer isn't available then the technician can send a video file of the inspection making the recommendations totally transparent.