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  • UTAdvanced Look and Feel
  • Great PID Control & Fuzzy Logic
  • 2 Alarm Contacts
  • 14-segment, active color LCD display
  • 1/8 DIN
  • Easy Configuration Mode
  • Navigation keys make programming and operation simple
  • 65 mm depth enables the mounting in narrow instrument panels
  • Setting only the minimum necessary parameters for operation is possible
  • Universal I/O is included as standard. PID control, ON/OFF control, etc. are available.
  • LL50A Parameter Setting Software (sold separately) simplifies setting parameters and managing data
  • Dust-proof and drip-proof IP66 front panel
  • NEMA4 housing
  • 3 Year Warranty


The Yokogawa UT32A Basic is an entry-level digital indicating controller designed for applications that don't require all the power and functions of the UT Advanced series. The UT Advanced is a very strong product, but in many cases, it's overqualified for the task. There are just too many features in the controller based on the customer's actual needs. So Yokogawa has removed many of the value added features, left in the incredible control, and priced the unit accordingly.

The Yokogawa UT32A Basic indicating controllers are targeted primarily for industrial facilities where they are embedded in industrial furnaces and other relatively small-scale production line equipment and installations, and are used to measure, display, and control various types of data including temperature, pressure, and flow rate.

The Yokogawa UT32A Basic is a 1/8 DIN model with just a 65 mm depth enabling it to be mounted in a thin and small instrumented panel. The controller provides single loop control and has Universal I/O included as standard, while PID control, ON/OFF control, etc. are also available.

The UT32A Basic employs a 14-segment color LCD display which is easier to read than conventional displays. An active color feature allows users to see the status of a process at a glance. New guidance screens and navigation keys make programming the unit easy and helps prevent operator errors. LL50A Parameter Setting Software (sold separately) simplifies setting parameters and managing data.