The Yokogawa UT35A and the UT32A Advanced are entry-level digital indicating controllers. Available in 1/8 DIN (model UT32A) and 1/4 DIN (model UT35A), these low-cost models have a sequence control function that is based on the general-purpose ladder logic programming language and are targeted for use in the single-loop control of production equipment.

Indicating controllers are embedded in industrial furnaces and other relatively small-scale production line equipment and installations, and are used to measure, display, and control various types of data including temperature, pressure, and flow rate. Indicating controllers typically require complex configuration and programming due to product incompatibility, required peripheral devices and differences in communications protocols. The UT32A and UT35A Advanced overcome these limitations by incorporating a ladder sequence function which simplifies creating simple sequence control. Additionally, by adopting open system architecture which complies with Ethernet and PROFIBUS DP protocols, the UT32A and UT35A Advanced make it easy to develop multi-vendor systems for users by eliminating the need for dedicated communication programs and/or converters for connecting to devices such as a data-acquisition unit or PLC.

The Yokogawa UT35A & UT32A Advanced employ a 14-segment color LCD display which is easier to read than conventional displays, along with new guidance screens and navigation keys that aid programming and help prevent operator errors. An active color feature allows users to see the status of a process at a glance. The controllers are equipped with a multitude of functions and are capable of PID control, On/Off control, heating and cooling control and tow-position two-level control. Universal I/O are included as standard.

The Yokogawa UT35A and UT32A Advanced digital indicating controllers are targeted primarily for machining facilities in a wide variety of industries including electrical equipment, machinery, chemicals, foods, semiconductors, and automobiles; and in-plant equipment such as air conditioners and power supplies.

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