Honeywell MPD Gas Sensor
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  • Sensors:
    • Catalytic Bead %LEL
    • IR %LEL Flammable
    • IR CH4 0-5% Vol
    • IR CO2 0-5% Vol

This product is an accessory for the following products:

Honeywell XNX Universal Gas Transmitter
Universal gas transmitter supports the widest range of sensors on a common platform and offers a modular choice of inputs and outputs

The Honeywell MPD (Multi-Purpose Detector) is a low-cost Infrared or Catalytic bead sensing cell for monitoring flammable industrial gases in hazardous areas. Through the Honeywell XNX Universal Gas Transmitter, the MPD can support a variety of communications protocol used in industrial communications systems.

Part Number Price Available
Show Configuration
Base Price
Catalytic Bead %LEL
Agency Approval
Port Threads
3/4in NPT
$599.00 3

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