E+E EE071 Humidity / Temperature Probe
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  • Measuring ranges:
    • RH: 0 to 100%
    • Temp: -40 to 176°F (-40 to 80°C)
  • RH accuracy : ±2% (0 to 90%), ±3% (90 to 100%)
  • 4 to 28 VDC supply voltage
  • Polycarbonate or stainless steel / IP65 housing
  • Outstanding long term stability
  • Working/storage temp: -40 to 176°F (-40 to 80°C)
  • 328ft (100m) max cable length

The E+E EE071 Humidity / Temperature Probe is designed for use in demanding OEM applications. In addition to measuring humidity and temperature, the EE071 humidity calculates physical quantities such as dew point temperature, mixing ratio and absolute humidity. All measured and calculated values are available on the RS-485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol.

The RH and T sensor HCT01 is protected against dust and dirt by the sensor coating. All the solder pads are sealed against corrosion. With the appropriate filter cap the EE071 offers outstanding long term stability even in harsh environment. The compact design with M12 connector allows for easy installation and fast replacement of the probe. With the optional Modbus configuration adapter the user can perform RH and T adjustment and set the Modbus parameters.

For outdoor applications EE071 must be used with the optional radiation shield HA010502, which protects the device against rain, snow, ice and solar radiation.

Applications for the EE071 include:

  • Process and climate technology
  • Agriculture, stables
  • Incubators, hatchers
  • Outdoor measurement
  • Storage rooms, cooling chambers
E+E HA010705 M12x1 Flange Coupling
With 2 inch (50mm) flying leads
E+E HA010707 Female Connector
4-pole, self assembly M12x1
E+E M12x1 5pin connection cable
M12x1 5pin connection cable socket/flying leads 1.5m, 5m and 10m lengths available
E+E HA030204 T-Coupler M12
E+E HA011012 USB-RS485 Converter
USB-RS485 converter
E+E HA010502 Radiation Shield
Radiation shield with clamping ring
E+E HA010781 Protection Cap
Protection cap for M12 female cable connector
E+E HA010782 Protective Cap
Protective cap for M12 male connector
E+E HA010202 Plastic Mounting Flange
Plastic mounting flange 12mm; RAL7035
E+E HA010201 Mounting Flange
Stainless steel mounting flange 12mm
E+E HA010209 Duct Mounting Kit
Duct mounting kit for the EE220 Series
Part Number Price Available
Show Configuration
Base Price
Metal grid (+$5.00)
Temperature Accuracy
Baud Rate
1 stopbit
$223.00 4

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