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  • Modular design holds up to 12 customer installable pick and mix modules
  • Maximum surge current: 1kA
  • Guaranteed earthing of inserted modules
  • Advanced solid state technology with auto-recovery Silicone Avalanche Diodes
  • All modules are UL 497A or UL 497B Listed
  • Fits into standard 19" cabinet or can be wall mounted
  • 10 year product warranty

The MTL RackShield is a modular solution that provides customer configurable communication protection for telephone lines, networks, cable/digital Satellite and DDS applications. The RackShield can hold up to 12 user-selected modules in a 19" rack format.

Slide in modules allow the RackShield to be configured to the requirements of your business and can be removed, reorganized or replaced by the end user at any time. Each RackShield unit can house 12 RackShield modules and any combination of these modules can be installed in any given device. This unique user configurable system allows the RackShield to provide flexible upgradeable surge protection that can easily be adapted to suit your changing requirements.

Advanced solid state surge protection technology is employed in the modules and each one is able to safely dissipate surge currents up to 1kA and will automatically reset in readiness for the next surge or transient overvoltage. With 4 modules to choose from, RackShield can protect against surges conducted through a wide range of data and communications lines. Each module slides in and locks securely into the RackShield enclosure earthing itself automatically and can be installed or removed without the use of tools.

The 19" rack mountable enclosure of the MTL RackShield allows it to be conveniently mounted alongside the equipment it is protecting, fitting neatly into any standard 19" rack or cabinet. Occupying only 1U of rack space, each RackShield provides surge protection for up to 12 communications or data ports making it ideal for surge protection in IT and telecommunications distribution environments.