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  • ATEX, IECEx, CCSAUS, TC, TR & Ex hazardous area certified
  • Touch-screen display
  • Thermo-paramagnetic sensor
  • Accuracy 1% full scale
  • stability 0.25%
  • Ranges available: 0 to 0.5% up to 0 to 50% & 20, 80 or 90–100%
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Accuracy less than ±1% of span or ±0.02% O2


The Michell Instruments XTP601 Oxygen Analyzer is a robust, linear and stable oxygen analyzer for measurements in gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen or carbon dioxide. The sensor is housed in an IP66 rugged casing, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. When supplied with flame arrestors, the analyzer becomes explosion-proof and suitable for use in hazardous areas.

The XTP601 has barometric pressure compensation fitted as standard and is ranged specifically to customer's needs to offer the best accuracy where it matters. The sensor in Michell's XTP601 analyzer largely eliminates thermistor drift associated with other comparable devices, improving the stability of the measurement. This allows longer calibration intervals and reduces both labor and consumable costs.

Applications for the XTP601 includes:

  • Monitoring inert blanketing gases for hydrocarbon processing
  • Inert gas for pharmaceutical or chemical industries
  • Biogas, waste, landfill and digester plants
  • Furnace gas control in steel industry
  • Catalyst regeneration
  • N2 generators
  • O2 generators