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  • Voltage: 20mV to 100 V, 1 to 5 V/F.S
  • Thermocouple types: K, J, E, R, T, R, S, B, N & W
  • Humidity: 0 to 100% (with humidity sensor B-530)
  • Pulse: 4ch rotation count (RPM)
    • Accumulating count & instant count
  • Logic: 4ch
  • WLAN capable using optional WLAN Unit B-568
    • For remote monitoring and data logging
  • 4.3in TFT color LCD screen
  • AC, DC, & rechargeable battery power sources
  • 4GB internal flash memory
    • Extended memory up to 32GB using SD cards
  • Max sampling interval up to 10ms
  • Smartphone access via GL-Connect app (Android & iOS)

What's in the Box

  • AC power adapter
  • Quick reference guide
  • Software & manuals (CD)
  • Certification of calibration

The Graphtec GL240 data logger is a compact, standalone 10-channel logger that accepts voltage, temperature, humidity, pulse and logic signals. In addition to accommodating numerous measurements, the GL240 includes many communications options and advanced functions making it an incredibly versatile data acquisition instrument for a wide array of applications.

The GL240 features 10 channels, isolated so that wiring errors or overloaded channels do not affect neighboring channels. Two SD card slots support up to 32GB of memory which can hold over a year's worth of data depending upon the sampling rate. A full color, 4.3-inch TFT display allows user to view data in waveform or digital form while also displaying parameter settings.

The Graphtec GL240 includes a number of communications features which allows integration with other devices and easy file sharing. A wireless LAN module (B-568) can be added to connect the GL240 with Graphtec GL100-WL modules. This expands the measurement variety of the GL240 by utilizing sensors available to the GL100-WL which will relay data directly to the GL240. The GL240 can also be connected to a LAN via a WLAN access point. Measured data can then be monitored via a PC or smart device using the application software. Configuration can also be set via the network.


Graphtec B-513 Logic / Alarm Cable
Cable, 4 x Logic inputs & 4 x alarm outputs, 2 meters
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Graphtec B-514 DC Power Cable
2 meter DC power cable with bare ends for direct connection to DC power source
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Graphtec B-530 Humidity Sensor
Humidity Sensor, 0 to 100% RH


Graphtec B-569 Battery Pack
Battery pack, maximum 6 hours
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Graphtec ACADP-20 Power Supply
Spare AC power adapter for GL220, GL240, GL820, GL840, and GL900 products


Carrying cases, spare cases

Graphtec GL240 Pelican Case
Pelican-based case with foam inserts cut to fit and protect your GL240 data logger


Please consider these optional accessories.

Graphtec B-568 Wireless LAN Module
Allows for Wireless Communications on Graphtec GL240 and GL840 Data Loggers
In Stock
Graphtec Shunt Resistors
250 ohm shunt resistor for 4-20mA current loop signals
250 Ohm Precision Resistor
Shunt resistor for DC current input


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