Established in 1949, Graphtec’s corporate philosophy emphasizes the pride every member takes in the company’s products. The pride comes through at all stages, from preliminary planning and design to final delivery. This commitment does not stop at the factory door. It extends to services and customer-support personnel around the world, because Graphtec never forgets what is at stake every time you choose one of its products.

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Graphtec GL840 Data Logger
Portable, 20+ channel data logger with isolated universal input, 350Vp-p for 1 minute max voltage
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Graphtec GL240 Data Logger
Compact, portable 10+ channel data logger compatible with wireless LAN module for wireless measurement and networking
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Graphtec GL100 Data Logger
Switch sensors and terminals for measuring various signals, for volatile wireless and non-wireless environments
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Graphtec B-514 DC Power Cable
2 meter DC power cable with bare ends for direct connection to DC power source
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Graphtec B-530 Humidity Sensor
Humidity Sensor, 0 to 100% RH
Graphtec B-513 Logic / Alarm Cable
Cable, 4 x Logic inputs & 4 x alarm outputs, 2 meters
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Graphtec GS-TH Temperature / Humidity Sensor
Temp range: -4 to 185°F (-20 to 85°C), humidity range: 0 to 100% RH, for use with the GL100
Graphtec B-564 Input Terminal
20-channel multi-input extension terminal for Graphtec GL840-M data logger
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Graphtec GS-3AT Acceleration / Temperature Sensor
Acceleration in 3-axis (maximum 10G), temperature 14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C)
Graphtec B-569 Battery Pack
Battery pack, maximum 6 hours
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Graphtec GS-DPA-AC AC Current Sensor
Measures current, power, accumulated electric power
Graphtec ACADP-20 Power Supply
Spare AC power adapter for GL220, GL240, GL820, GL840, and GL900 products
Graphtec GL840 Pelican Case
Pelican Polypropylene case with foam inserts cut to fit and protect your GL840 data logger
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Graphtec B-567 Connection Cable
50cm or 2-meter cables for connecting the B-566 extension terminal base on the GL840 datalogger
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Graphtec GS-103JT-4P Thermistor Sensor
Ultra thin type, sensor for GS-4TSR module, 3m, 4 pcs/set, temp range -40 to 248°F (-40 to 120°C)
Graphtec B-568 Wireless LAN Module
Allows for Wireless Communications on Graphtec GL240 and GL840 Data Loggers
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Graphtec B-577 Protective Rubber Boot
Protective rubber boot for the GL240
Graphtec GL240 Pelican Case
Pelican-based case with foam inserts cut to fit and protect your GL240 data logger
Graphtec GS-LXUV Light & UV Sensor
Luminance (0 lux to 200k lux) and UV rays (0 to 30mW/cm2) dual sensor module, for use with GL100
Graphtec GS-103AT-4P Thermistor Sensor
Normal type, sensor for GS-4TSR module, 3 m, 4 pcs/set, Temp range -40 to 221°F (-40 to 105°C)
Graphtec GS-4TSR Terminal Adapter
Supports two optional thermistor types, terminal with up to 4 channels of temperature measurement
Graphtec B-566 Extension Terminal Base
20-channel terminal base for input terminals B-564 and B-565
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Graphtec GS-4VT Voltage / Temperature Terminal
4ch of voltage DC (20mV to 50V as well as 1 to 5V) and thermocouple (K or T type) temperature measurement
Graphtec GS-EXC Extension Cable
Extension cable for sensor input modules (1.5m long)
Graphtec GS-AC Clamps
Ratings available: 50A, 100A and 200A
Graphtec GS-CO2 CO2 Sensor
CO2 density sensor with a measuring range of 0 to 9,999 ppm concentration
Graphtec GS-DPA Dual Port Adapter