• Semi automatic with selectable voltage rise rate
    • 500, 2000, or 3000 V/s
  • Automatic 1 minute timer for easy withstand testing
  • 1ms HV switch off time eliminates damage to the oil samples
  • Strong, safe construction with protective metal lid
  • 0.1kV measurement resolution
  • Meets IEC61010-1 requirements

What's in the Box

  • Spacing Gauge
  • Accessory pouch
  • User guide
  • Battery charger supply lead
  • AC power lead


The Megger OTS60SX/2 oil test set is suitable for field use and can be powered from a range of mains supplies. The maximum 60kV output allows tests to be performed on oil from a wide variety of electrical installations including transformers, circuit breakers and other equipment. The operation of the test set is extremely simple and the results are displayed on a bright LED display. A selection of vessels allows the instrument to be configured for a variety of test standards.

The microprocessor controlled, semi automatic operation allows the user to select a choice of voltage rise rates as specified in many national standards. The start button will then initiate the test. If oil breakdown occurs the instrument will remove the test voltage and display the breakdown value. Alternatively the user can pause the test voltage at any time to carry out a withstand test. The voltage will be maintained at this level for one minute or until breakdown. After one minute the voltage will automatically continue to rise until breakdown occurs or to the maximum output of the instrument.

A sheet steel enclosure makes the instrument rugged and safe. A strong polycarbonate window covers the high voltage chamber. A mesh screen enables the oil breakdown to be viewed and reduces electro-magnetic emissions. Operator safety is ensured by an interlock on the chamber door. The power cord and other accessories are stored in a pouch which is fitted to the side of the test set.

The oil vessel is located in the top of the instrument. An external nut varies the electrode gap. The design of the vessels and test chamber makes them easy to clean. The instrument is supplied with a spacing gauge for setting the electrode gap.