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  • AVC-1000 (Vac to 1000 PSI)
    • 0.00025 psi resolution
    • 2000 psi proof & 6000 psi burst pressure
    • 31 total turns mechanical rotation
  • AVC-3000 (Vac to 3000 psi)
    • 0.0005 psi resolution
    • 6000 psi proof & 12,000 psi burst pressure
    • 61 total turns mechanical rotation
  • Does not require compressed air source
  • 1/8 NPT female connection
  • 20 to 120°F operating temp


Ashcroft AVC pressure volume controllers are piston/cylinder devices that provide fine pressure adjustments in closed pneumatic systems. Mechanical rotation is directly proportional to volume change due to piston travel. The AVC controllers have an integral balance valve that equalizes pressure and acts as a pressure-relief valve. They are constructed with an aluminum body and stainless steel, brass, Teflon, Delrin and Buna-N materials.

When used with digital pressure gauges, dial gauges, transducers, pressure switches, air deadweight testers, manometers, and other similar devices they provide a fast and accurate means for setting a precise pressure.