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  • Wall, swivel or floor mounting options
  • Repeatability: 1% of full stroke or better
  • Offers greater force for tougher jobs
  • Input signal ranges:
    • 3 to 15 psig
    • 0 to 30 psig
    • 4-20mA
  • 8-inch stroke: (80° rotation)
  • Stall Torque: 4600 ft.-lbs (6238 N.m)
  • Maximum Friction Load: 1100 ft.-lbs (1492 N.m)
  • Maximum Allowable Weight Load: 1600 ft.-lbs (2170 N.m)
  • Temperature limits: 0 to 140°F (-17,8 to 60°C)


The Rosemount Analytical 8x14 Torque Type Power Positioner offers greater force for tougher jobs such as huge slide dampers and large valves. The 8x14 had a variety of mounting options including wall, swivel and floor. The standard cam produces a straight line relationship. Shaping the cam in the field produces other relationships. Simple maintenance is due to the frame construction.

Applications for the 8x14 Torque Type Power Positioner include:

  • Steel mills
  • Refineries