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  • Lepton IR imaging engine
  • Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM)
  • 24:1 distance to spot ratio
  • -13 to 716°F (-25 to 380°C) range
  • ±1.5% or 1.5°C accuracy
  • Emissivity: 4 preset levels
  • Built to withstand a 2 meter drop
  • Response time 150 milliseconds
  • Measurement resolution 0.1°C/°F
  • Integrated automatic shutter
  • Field of view (50° x 38.6°)
  • Dual diverging lasers

What's in the Box

  • Lanyard
  • USB cable
  • Charger
  • 8GB micro SD card

The FLIR TG165 Imaging IR Thermometer Bridges the gap between single spot IR thermometers and FLIR's legendary infrared cameras, the TG165 gives you the advantage of thermal imaging to help you discover temperature issues you can't see with typical spot radiometers. You'll work more quickly and have confidence you won't miss anything vital.

Equipped with FLIR's exclusive Lepton micro thermal camera, the TG165 helps you identify heat patterns, reliably measure temperature, and store images and data for reports. And with a spot ratio of 24 to 1, you can take accurate readings from safer distances. The TG165 is simple to operate, featuring intuitive menu icons and dual laser pointers. Built by the world leader in thermal technology, the durable TG165 will quickly become your "go to" temperature tool.

Applications for the TG165 include:

  • HVAC inspections
  • Warm pipe in wall
  • Mechanical overheating
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Refrigeration issues
  • Hot fuses
  • Electrical trouble shooting
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