• Dual Technology provides automatic recognition of ferrous and non-ferrous substrates
    • Magnetic induction for ferrous substrates
    • Eddy current measurement for non-ferrous substrates
  • Measuring Range: 0 to 2000μm
  • Accuracy: ±(2% + 2μm) from 0 to 1000 μm and ±3.5% accuracy from 1000 to 2000 μm
  • Easy-to use menu system
  • Dot matrix LCD display with backlight and contrast
  • Memory stores 2500 readings in 50 groups with 50 readings in each group
  • Zero-point calibration function
  • Bluetooth interface includes software

What's in the Box

  • Steel and aluminum substrates
  • Standard films for calibration
  • Software
  • Hard case
  • Two AAA batteries


The Extech CG304 thickness tester offers a non-destructive way of measuring the thickness of ferrous and non-ferrous substrates with auto recognition of the material being measured. The CG304 is ideal for application such as measuring automotive paint thickness to determine if car has been in an accident before; quality inspection and monitoring of the process of anodizing or galvanizing; as well as others in the field of machine tools manufacturing, pipeline industry, aeronautical industry, and paint manufacturing/inspection/contracting.

The Extech CG304 has a measuring range of 0 to 2000μm and displays results on a special LCD with backlit feature and contrast for easy viewing in various lighting conditions. Results can be stored on an internal memory that holds up to 2500 readings or transmitted wirelessly to your PC via a unique Bluetooth interface for further analysis and to generate documented reports.