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  • Withstands Temperatures from -200 to 250ºC
  • Small diameter 2in (51mm)
  • Submersible
  • Applications include:
    • Peanut Roasting
    • Food Processing
    • Autoclave Validation
    • Conveyer Ovens
    • Dishwasher Testing

The MadgeTech HiTemp140-TS thermal shield is designed for use with the HiTemp140 data logger and can handle extreme temperature applications.

To use, simply place the HiTemp140 in the IFC400 or IFC406 docking station (sold separately). Use the MadgeTech software to program a start method and reading rate. Place the HiTemp140 in the HiTemp140-TS enclosure and screw it back together. The device is ready to be deployed.

The HiTemp140-TSK flush style is designed to have the probe entirely exposed while the data logger is protected by the thermal shield. This allows full use of the length of the probe for applications that require internal temperature monitoring. The Vented style offers more probe protection and is designed for shorter probe lengths in applications where the data logger might be subject to movement in a fully submerged application.