Keller 35X HTC Pressure Transmitter
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  • Pressure ranges: 3 up to 1000 bar
  • Accuracy: 0.5 %FS
  • RS485, 4-20 mA 0 to 10V output options
  • Resolution: 0.002 %FS
  • IP65 protection (IP67 optional)
  • Material: stainless steel 316L (DIN 1.4435), Viton option

The Keller 35X HTC Pressure Transmitter is a piezoresistive high temperature transmitter that is suited for media temperatures up to 300°C. The pressure, acting onto the flush diaphragm, is transferred over an oil-filled capillary onto the silicon measuring cell. The capillary has the function of a cooling spiral, allowing media temperatures of up to 300°C. The temperature of the electronics, which can be read out with the PROG30 software, may not exceed 120°C. For highly aggressive media, KELLER offers pressure ports in different materials.

This Series is based on the stable, piezoresisitive transducer and a micro-processor electronics with integrated 16 bit A/D converter. Temperature dependencies and non-linearities of the sensor are mathematically compensated. With the READ30 software and the KELLER cable K-107, the calculated pressure can be displayed on a Palmtop, Laptop or PC. The READ30 software also allows the recording of pressure signals and the graphic display on the PC. Up to 128 transmitters can be hooked together to a Bus-system.

The micro-processor integrates a D/A converter of 16 bit for analog signal outputs of 4-20mA or 0 to 10 V. The output rate is 100 Hz (adjustable). The digital output is available on all transmitters with analog output. With the KELLER software READ30 and PROG 30, a RS485 converter (i.e. K-102, K-104 or K-107 from KELLER) and a PC, the pressure can be displayed, the units changed, a new gain or zero set. The analog output can be set to any range within the compensated range.

AST A08670 Cooling Adapter
1/4in NPT female to 1/4in NPT male 316L SS cooling adapter for pressure sensors, reduces the temp by 100°F at ambient temp of 70°F
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Application Notes

Here's how some of our customers used this product.

High Temperature Gas Application

The Background: Our customer is an OEM that builds high purity gas delivery systems, they needed a pressure transmitter that can measure gas pressure at temperature up to 360°F.

The Problem: The temperature range needed by the customer is well above what most pressure transmitters can handle. Though there are ways to overcome high temperatures, such as with impulse tubing or cooling adapters, there is not space available in the customer’s system.

The Solution: We suggested the Keller 35X HTC Pressure Transmitter, a piezoresistive high temperature transmitter that is suited for media temperatures up to 572°F.