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  • Measurement ranges up to 1000PPM NH3
  • ±5% full scale accuracy
  • Repeatability of <10% of full scale
  • NEMA 1 (PPO) or rugged stainless steel housing
  • Rugged construction for long-term reliability
  • ATMOS Technology optional
    • Automatically adapts the detector to its environment
    • Can operate in -50°F and 100 percent humidity
  • SensorCheck Technology
    • Checks the electrical viability of the sensor every 24 hours
  • Optional LCD for real-time visibility
  • 3-electrode electrochemical sensor
  • 3-year warranty


The Manning EC-FX-NH3 ammonia sensor is the next step in the evolution of proven Manning Systems sensing technology. Designed for industrial refrigeration applications, the EC-FX-NH3 delivers the reliability, accuracy, toughness and long-lasting performance to handle extreme conditions better than any of its competitors.

If you use ammonia as part of your refrigeration process, you face several challenges in protecting your plant from the danger and expense of ammonia leaks. The Manning EC-FX-NH3 features an all-new ammonia sensor with a proprietary electrolyte that stands up to harsh environments. So whether you're monitoring ammonia in blast freezers, cold storage or engine rooms, you can feel confident in the effectiveness of your gas detection system, helping you ensure life safety, prevent food spoilage and manage costs.

Unlike other ammonia sensors, the EC-FX-NH3 maintains sensitivity even during rapid changes in temperature and humidity. While other sensors may quickly lose sensitivity after exposure to ammonia gas, the EC-FX-NH3 sensor bounces back from alarm-level gas exposure and resumes accurate detection.

The EC‑FX‑NH3 automatically adapts to its environment and can operate in -50°F and 100 percent humidity. It is also equipped with SensorCheck, a microprocessor that checks the electrical viability of the sensor every 24 hours so you can rest assured that the sensor is operating properly.

The Manning EC-FX-NH3 ammonia sensor is so well constructed and so full of features that it lasts, on average, 18 more months than other sensors. Switching now to EC-FX-NH3 can save you thousands of dollars.


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Monitoring for Ammonia Leaks in a Large Cold Storage Facility

The Background: A large food distribution warehouse has 220,000 square feet of cold storage cooled by 40 ammonia evaporator coils.

The Problem: The warehouse must continuously monitor for ammonia leaks to meet safety and regulatory standards and require instruments that can be integrated into a complete system with alarms and control functions.

The Solution: The Manning EC-FX-NH3 ammonia sensor is designed specifically for industrial applications and delivers the reliability, accuracy, toughness and long-lasting performance to handle extreme conditions. It is the critical piece of an effective ammonia leak detection system.

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