Manning Systems is a Honeywell company that specializes in industrial gas detection instruments.

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Manning Systems EC-FX-NH3 Ammonia Gas Sensor
Long-lasting electrochemical ammonia sensor with SensorCheck technology for industrial refrigeration applications
Manning Systems Airscan IRF9 Refrigerant Gas Sensor
Rapid response to refrigerants, no moving parts and doesn’t require pumps or filters
Manning Systems HA71 Gas Detector
Designed to provide simultaneous display and alarm functions for up to 16 input variables
Manning Systems GM-JR Gas Monitor
Readout/alarm unit that provides a calibrated 20-segment LED bargraph, alarm and fault LEDs
Manning Systems VL Vent Line Leak Detector
Continuously monitor for potential leaks in the vent lines of refrigeration systems
Manning Systems AirAlert 96d Gas Monitoring System
Monitors up to 96 sensors for toxic gases, combustible gases and oxygen hazards
Manning Systems EC-FX Calibration Kits
Includes regulator, cal cap, and tubing
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Manning Systems Calibration Gas
Calibration gases for Manning Systems gas detectors and sensors
Manning Systems Ammonia Cell
Replacement electrochemical ammonia cell for EC-FX-NH3 ammonia sensor
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Honeywell SmartCell Sensors for the Manning EC-P2
Electrochemical SmartCell sensors for the Honeywell Manning EC-P2 portable gas detector
Manning Systems Solid State Vent Line Sensor
Replacement solid state vent line sensor
Manning Systems Wand Extension
12" wand extension for the Manning EC-P2 portable gas leak detector
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Manning Systems VL-LPA Linear Pre-Amp
Replacement linear pre-amp (in stainless steel enclosure) for vent line sensor
Manning Systems GM-JR Power Supply
24VDC, 1A power supply for the GM-JR
Manning Systems Relay Module
Relay module, 8 channel, RS-485 for the AirAlert 96d
Manning Systems External Power Supply
50 watt NEMA 4X division 2 external power supply for use with HA20N4
Manning Systems Xenon Strobe Lights
Red or amber xenon strobe including mounting
Manning Systems Replacement Front Panel Electronic Nest
Replacement complete HA71 front panel electronic nest assembly including 10-0006 LCD
Manning Systems Replacement HA71 Flat Panel LCD Module
Replacement HA71 Flat Panel LCD Module
Manning Systems I/O Cable
I2C I/O Cable, 6" or 12" cable
Manning Systems Magnetic Wand
“Small Red” Magnetic Wand for NEMA 4X Enclosures
Honeywell Filter Disks
Package of 10 filter disks for the Manning EC-P2 portable gas leak detector
Manning Systems NiCAD Battery
NiCAD battery with solder tabs for the Manning EC-P2 portable gas leak detector
Manning Systems EC-FX-REG1 Regulator
0.3LPM regulator for 17 and 34L cylinders
Manning Systems 100db Piezo Audible
100db piezo audible (Compact NEMA4X enclosure only - general purpose)
Honeywell Sensor Keeper
Keep up to 4 SmartCell sensors organized and protected
Manning Systems Internal Power Supply
Internal power supply for the HA20 and HA40
Manning Systems Remote Annunciator Module
Remote annunciator panel includes 3 relays, audible alarm, RS-485
Manning Systems Surge Protector
550V A/300 Watt UPS / Surge Protector with power loss relay