BW Technologies REG-DF-1 Demand Flow Regulator


BW Technologies

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This product is an accessory for the following products:

BW Technologies Clip4 Multi-Gas Detector
Wearable 4-gas detector with 2-year continuous runtime for no hassle detection of H2S, CO, LEL & O2
BW Technologies GasAlert Extreme Single Gas Detector
Real-time readings on a large LCD display
BW Technologies GasAlert Micro 5 Series Gas Detector
Available with standard, infrared (IR) or photo-ionization detector (PID) sensors
BW Technologies GasAlertQuattro Multi-Gas Detector
Personal multi-gas detector with IntelliFlash visual monitoring with continuous LCD display of real-time gas concentrations
$545.00 to $755.00
$463.25 to $641.75
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BW Technologies IntelliDoX Docking Station
Automated instrument management system provides bump testing, configuration & record-keeping support for the BW Clip
BW Technologies MicroDock II Test/Calibration Docking System
Manages calibration, bump testing, and data logging of BW Technologies gas detectors
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Honeywell BW Max XT II Gas Detector
Monitors up to 4 different gases with simple one-button operation & an integrated sampling pump
$725.00 to $880.00
$616.25 to $748.00
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Honeywell BW MicroClip X3 Gas Detector
Compact multi-gas sensor with one button operation, 18 hour battery life & long life O2 sensor
$440.00 to $675.00
$367.40 to $563.62
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Honeywell BW MicroClip XL Multi-Gas Detector
Water-resistant, compact multi-gas sensor with 18 hour battery life & one button operation for up to 4 gases of your choice
$360.00 to $595.00
$301.50 to $498.31
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BW Technologies GasAlert MicroClip XT Multi-Gas Detector
Slim, compact multi-gas sensor provides affordable protection from atmospheric hazards
BW Technologies GasAlertClip Extreme Gas Detector