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  • Choose up to 4 gases
  • 5-year life expectancy & 3-year warranty
  • Continuous LCD shows real-time gas concentrations
  • Compact & lightweight design is comfortable to wear
  • IP68 rated for maximum protection from dust & water
  • Full function self-test of sensor on start up
    • Battery status, circuit integrity & alarms
  • 18 hour battery life, charges in 6 hours
  • Cold weather battery life after 2 years: 12 hours at 4°F
  • Bright wide-angled visual alarm bars
  • Built-in concussion-proof boot
  • IntelliFlash verifies operation and compliance
  • Tamper-proof, one button operation
  • Compatible with Sampler remote sampling pump
  • Internal vibrating alarm for high noise areas
  • Conveniently manage your fleet using Fleet Manager II
  • Sensors:
    • H2S; 0 to 100ppm (1ppm resolution)
    • CO; 0 to 500ppm (1ppm resolution)
    • O2; 0 to 30% (0.1% resolution)
    • Combustible;
      • 0 to 100% LEL (1% resoluiton)
      • 0 to 5.0% v/v (0.1% resolution)
  • Certifications and approvals:
    • Class I, Div. 1, Gr. A, B, C, D
    • ATEX; CE II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
    • IECEx; Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
    • CE; European conformity

What's in the Box

  • SS alligator clip
  • Concussion proof housing
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Wall charging adapter
  • Calibration/test cap
  • Hose
  • Manual
  • Multi-language manual CD


The Honeywell BW MicroClip X3 gas detector is available with up to four different gas sensors. Multiple sensor combinations are available for combustible gases, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon monoxide. The Microclip X3 features a five year life expectancy and a three year warranty. The IntelliFlash light provides continuous visual confirmation of detector operation and compliance. Each unit is available in yellow or black, with many optional accessories. The Micro Clip XL is fully compatible with BW's MicroDock II automatic test and calibration system.


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Reducing the Cost of Ownership

The Background: Our customer is a small maintenance company that uses gas detectors with an oxygen sensor whenever their work requires they enter confined spaces where the oxygen levels may be below safe levels.

The Problem: The customer is unhappy about having to change out the oxygen sensors every two years and wants a better solution.

The Solution: We recommended BW MicroClip X3 detectors which have non-depleting O2 cells with an expected life of 5 years, resulting in less down time and a lower cost of ownership. The MicroClip X3’s reasonable cost, easy to read display, and small size were also factors in recommending this meter.

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Combustible, Oxygen, Hydrogen Sulfide & Carbon Monoxide (%LEL, O2, H2S, CO)
$691.14 4 in stock

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