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  • User-friendly operation
  • Easy-to-read display for multiple languages
  • Lightweight convenience
  • Ease of maintenance
  • -40 to 140°F (-40 to 60°C) operating temp
  • 0 to 95% RH (non-condensing) range
  • IP66/68 protection
  • Visual, vibrating, audible alarms
  • Bluetooth™ Low Energy (BLE)

The Honeywell BW Solo Gas Detector is easy to operate and service and includes an extensive selection of sensor options. It can help reduce the cost of ownership for serviceable single-gas detectors and includes a wireless option for enabling connected workers. The profile is small and lightweight, and the design is ruggedized for years of reliable service. No need to take apart the Honeywell BW™ Solo for common maintenance tasks; simply pop off the front door to replace a sensor or filter, or remove a single screw for battery replacement.

The Optional wireless connectivity enables additional capabilities such as dock-less transfer of data and event logs, and real-time monitoring of worker safety.

Honeywell BW IntelliDoX Docking Station
Automated instrument management system provides bump testing, configuration & record-keeping support for the BW Clip
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BW Technologies Solo Replacement Sensors
Replacement sensors for the Solo Gas Detector
BW Technologies BWS-TC-1 Calibration Cap
Replacement test/calibration cap
BW Technologies MK-CG2-58 Wall Mount
Adjustable wall mount for 34, 58, and 103L gas cylinders
BW Technologies C2-HOSE1-1 Calibration Hose
1ft Tygon calibration hose (1/8in I.D. & 1/4in O.D.)
BW Technologies Regulator
Calibration gas regulator (0.5LPM) with C10 male threaded fitting
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BW Technologies REG-DF-1 Demand Flow Regulator
Flow regulator for use with BW docking systems
In Stock
BW Technologies Solo Gas Cylinders
Gas Cylinders for the Solo Gas Detector