• Insulation resistance up to 30TΩ at 15kV
  • IR, Timed IR, DAR, PI, DD, SV and ramp diagnostic tests
  • 6mA (15kV) of noise rejection
  • CATIV 1000V to 3000m safety rating
  • On-board memory
  • Large LCD display with backlight
  • 3mA short circuit current
  • Dedicated voltmeter function (30 to 660V)

What's in the Box

  • Power lead
  • USB cable
  • PowerDB lite software
  • Product information CD
  • 3m leadset x 3, large 15kV insulated clips


The Megger MIT1525 Insulation Resistance Tester provides resistance ranges up to 15kV with a 30TΩ maximum resistance and an accuracy of ±5% from 1MΩ up to 3TΩ. The MIT1525 has a full suite of test modes as well as on-board memory and the ability to stream data/download data to a PC or laptop.

Instrument productivity is a focus of the new MIT range which offers rapid charge batteries and operation from an AC source if the batteries are flat. Rapid charge batteries enable greater than 60 minutes testing after a 30 minute charge. The MIT1525 comes with 15kV test leads which are double insulated with clips designed for 15kV creepage paths. The 15kV leads are supplied in a rucksack. Suitably rated HV gloves and other personal protection equipment are required to be worn when testing.

The MIT range share dual case design which includes a tough outer case to protect the tester from knocks/drops and an inner fire retardant case. The IP rating is IP65 case closed eliminating moisture and dust ingress.